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Meeting Room Setup Procedures

  • Care must be taken when moving carts with tables and chairs into and out of the room.
  • Cloth chair dollies should only be stacked six (6) or eight (8) per dolly as indicated and may be moved into the room. Plastic chair dolly can not be moved into the room. Plastic chairs must be removed from the dolly and carried into the room.
  • Plastic tables may be used in the Meeting Room. Either remove them individually from the table cart or carefully roll table cart into the room for unloading and loading.
  • Do not slide any tables, chairs, other furniture or objects across the floor.
  • All liquids spilled on the floor must be cleaned up immediately.
  • When using the projection screen do not let it snap up into the closed position. The screen may come off its brackets.
  • Rooms must be left in the condition in which you found them.
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