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Olean Public Library Serving the community since 1871

1865 New York State Census

Laura Greene, Coordinator; transcribed by Roxann Wilkinson.

Name Page Number* Town
Abbee, Alfred181Olean
Abbott, Delos206Olean
Ackley, Herbert169Olean
Ackley, William204Olean
Adams, Ansel169Olean
Adsit, Otis B.183Olean
Allen, Anna169Olean
Allen, Azor237Olean
Allen, William174Olean
Allswordt, Sophia205Olean
Andrews, Axy A.205Olean
Andrews, E. S.205Olean
Andrews, Nelson202Olean
Angell, Frank M.202Olean
Angell, Wm., Pitt202Olean
Annon, Mary234Olean
Arnd, William177Olean
Arndt, Joseph187Olean
Attridge, Catharine206Olean
Atwater, Mary241Olean
Austin, Harrington173Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Bagnell, Wm.181Olean
Baiely, Laura196Olean
Baker, George230Olean
Baker, James169Olean
Baker, Leonard175Olean
Baldwin, Charles179Olean
Ball, Barnard15Olean
Banks, Jerome169Olean
Barber, Noyes190Olean
Barber, Willard C.187Olean
Barclay, James197Olean
Bardo, Benjamin183Olean
Barnes, Hosea234Olean
Barnes, Wallace241Olean
Barney, Charles G.186Olean
Barnum, Alice173Olean
Barnum, Sarah199Olean
Barron, Nathan T.170Olean
Barry, Ellen222Olean
Barry, Michael216Olean
Barse, C. V. B.181Olean
Bartlett, Helen193Olean
Bartlett, John238Olean
Bartlett, Lucien178Olean
Bartlett, Mercy238Olean
Bates, Abner170Olean
Battles, Josiah215Olean
Baumgarten, John227Olean
Beaumont, James B.193Olean
Belknap, John S.193Olean
Bell, Edwin M.189Olean
Bellman, William238Olean
Benedict, Hamar227Olean
Bennie, W. D.201Olean
Benton, Ella195Olean
Bergen, Matthew191Olean
Berger, Joseph178Olean
Berkely, Joseph209Olean
Berrigan, Ella218Olean
Betchard, Henry198Olean
Betchley, Frederick169Olean
Betchley, John A.206Olean
Bickford, James D.205Olean
Bickford, Stephen H.192Olean
Bidwell, Tudor219Olean
Bigelow, A. J.187Olean
Bigelow, Ada L.202Olean
Bigelow, Charles E.187Olean
Birge, Norman201Olean
Blackwell, Thomas217Olean
Blake, A.187Olean
Blakeslee, H. C.202Olean
Blakeslee, Manley A.185Olean
Blanchard, Wm. H.179Olean
Boardman, O. P.231Olean
Boats, Joseph229Olean
Bobee, Delia243Olean
Bockes, Melinda169Olean
Bollinger, John190Olean
Borst, Julius R.229Olean
Bosworth, Jennie171Olean
Bouton, Lewis231Olean
Boyle, Patrick183Olean
Bradley, Sam'l W.204Olean
Brant, Arunah234Olean
Brickell, John177Olean
Briggs, C. V.187Olean
Bronson, Amos200Olean
Brooks, Amos C.233Olean
Brooks, E. C.190Olean
Brooks, James, H.205Olean
Brooks, R. A.233Olean
Brooks, U. A. G.189Olean
Brown, E. A.181Olean
Brown, John178Olean
Brown, Nancy213Olean
Brown, Ned217Olean
Brown, S. D.191Olean
Brown, Sam'l A.173Olean
Brown, Sarah189Olean
Bryant, Edmund241Olean
Bull, Miles J.218Olean
Bullock, Sydney169Olean
Burchard, William199Olean
Burke, John219Olean
Burlingame, Frank191Olean
Burlingame, Isa239Olean
Burnham, Nelson190Olean
Burns, John243Olean
Butler, Alfred W.197Olean
Butler, Nelson S.201Olean
Butterfield, Horace235Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Calkins, Amanda211Olean
Cannon, William214Olean
Canty, Joanna207Olean
Cappell, Olive J.229Olean
Carr, Martin175Olean
Carter, Almond F.171Olean
Carter, Charles189Olean
Carter, Levi191Olean
Carter, Olive173Olean
Cary, Charles S.202Olean
Cavender, Charles H.234Olean
Chadwick, Ransom A.198Olean
Chadwick, Rimpson243Olean
Chamberlain, Colby196Olean
Chamberlain, George170Olean
Chaphe, Francis N.200Olean
Chapin, N. F.223Olean
Charles, D. K.199Olean
Charles, Eliza M.203Olean
Chase, Agnes239Olean
Chase, Augustus215Olean
Chase, Orrin214Olean
Chislee, George212Olean
Clark, Amzi187Olean
Clark, Delia189Olean
Clark, E. A.205Olean
Clark, Harriet243Olean
Clark, Horace T.187Olean
Clark, John207Olean
Clark, L. J.186Olean
Clement, Mary202Olean
Colby, Isaac S.205Olean
Colby, Isaac197Olean
Cole, David242Olean
Cole, David243Olean
Cole, Elias243Olean
Collerain, Michael193Olean
Collins, Daniel220Olean
Collins, Mary A.237Olean
Collins, Michael221Olean
Collins, Rebecca206Olean
Collis, Bass234Olean
Collopy, Michael223Olean
Colt, Alanzo238Olean
Colt, Henry239Olean
Colwell, Anna174Olean
Colwell, Elizabeth189Olean
Comstock, John K.194Olean
Concedine, James225Olean
Condlur, Mary222Olean
Cone, Fred179Olean
Conklin, D. C.186Olean
Conklin, L. A.200Olean
Conklin, Wm. H.186Olean
Conrad, Daniel181Olean
Conroy, Bridget194Olean
Conway, Ellen242Olean
Cook, Jacob177Olean
Cook, John179Olean
Cook, John234Olean
Cook, Milo242Olean
Cooper, Andrew203Olean
Cooper, Myron185Olean
Cooper, Myron189Olean
Cooper, Sarah195Olean
Corbin, C. Z.190Olean
Coslow, Owen227Olean
Coss, Jacob210Olean
Councilman, Washington227Olean
Covell, Nathan P.237Olean
Coyle, Michael182Olean
Craddick, Charles170Olean
Crandall, Oramel G.201Olean
Crandall, Vashti183Olean
Crane, Mary189Olean
Cranston, W. H.189Olean
Crayton, Thomas193Olean
Creamer, Daniel A.193Olean
Creamer, Daniel193Olean
Crocker, Franklin198Olean
Crocker, Fred'k234Olean
Crosby, Benjamin P.189Olean
Crouse, Charles210Olean
Crowley, James223Olean
Culver, Wm. P.181Olean
Cummins, Benjamin239Olean
Curtis, Amanda177Olean
Curtis, John183Olean
Curtis, Olive178Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Daglan, Patrick81Olean
Daily, Mary223Olean
Damary, Thomas267Olean
Davis, Henry B.175Olean
Davis, Walter366Olean
Day, Sarah H.237Olean
Deediman, Mary253Olean
Delamater, Stephen D.111Olean
Delaney, Bennet177Olean
Delaney, James185Olean
Delaney, Margaret157Olean
Denhire, Fred'k289Olean
Dickinson, Amelia179Olean
Dickinson, C. F.173Olean
Dillon, John323Olean
Dillon, Thomas336Olean
Dodds, Freeman132Olean
Donnegan, Mary249Olean
Donohue, John429Olean
Donovan, James W.245Olean
Donovan, Jerry285Olean
Donpeck, Lewis123Olean
Doolittle, Eli217Olean
Dority, Kate245Olean
Dotterwich, Charles171Olean
Doty, Chauncey422Olean
Driscoll, Cornelues322Olean
Duklow, Robert343Olean
Dunkin, Wm.161Olean
Dutton, Kate159Olean
Dutton, Oscar E.122Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Earle, J. W.269Olean
Eastman, Wm. W.231Olean
Eaton, Elon G.196Olean
Eaton, Fred104Olean
Ellis, Conrad108Olean
Ellithorp, Chauncey E.10Olean
Ellithorp, Wm. L.409Olean
Emerson, C. H.168Olean
Engelder, Conrad260Olean
Erbrech, Bertalinus273Olean
Evans, Robert219Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Fahr, Peter61Olean
Farr, Thomas302Olean
Farrington, Franklin245Olean
Faunce, Bradley E.128Olean
Fay, Fred375Olean
Fee, Mary242Olean
Feifter, Fred'k307Olean
Fine, Mary355Olean
Finn, Almira161Olean
Finn, E. J.160Olean
Fish, H. W.114Olean
Fitzpatrick, Hugh362Olean
Flannegan, Catharine333Olean
Flannegan, Patrick342Olean
Flegor, Jacob332Olean
Flyte, Sarah212Olean
Fobes, George N.190Olean
Fobes, Milton B.133Olean
Forster, William241Olean
Fox, Jas C.204Olean
Fox, John313Olean
Frarch, Delia105Olean
Frarch, Mary104Olean
Frasch (Feuchter), Fred'k288Olean
Free, John131Olean
Freeman, Elbert213Olean
French, Oliver463Olean
Fritz, Frank384Olean
Fuller, Jas. W.195Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Gage, H. W.331Olean
Gaines, Catharine215Olean
Gaines, Julia210Olean
Gale, L. J.146Olean
Gardner, H. L.264Olean
Genthner, James D.191Olean
Gerhardt, Joseph87Olean
Gerleck, John273Olean
Gifford, L. W.136Olean
Gile, Mina223Olean
Gilligan, Thos.423Olean
Gillighan, Charles73Olean
Gillighan, Patrick66Olean
Gleason, I. F.207Olean
Godfrey, David P.405Olean
Good, Catharine254Olean
Good, John248Olean
Goodell, James23Olean
Goodwin, Augustus368Olean
Goodwin, Geo. W.408Olean
Gorman, Thomas396Olean
Gotthardt, Charles25Olean
Grady, Edward304Olean
Grant, William391Olean
Gray, James411Olean
Gray, John414Olean
Green, Amos297Olean
Green, Patrick365Olean
Grimm, Anna127Olean
Griswold, Edmond141Olean
Groomer, John21Olean
Gross, Conrad258Olean
Gurney, Bridget132Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Hackett, Alfred393Olean
Hale, Daniel329Olean
Hall, Cyrus378Olean
Hall, Jackson70Olean
Hall, James345Olean
Hall, John189Olean
Hallan, William187Olean
Halliton, Michael388Olean
Hamilton, Marvin122Olean
Hamilton, Samuel213Olean
Hanley, John358Olean
Hannegan, Jane237Olean
Hannegan, Patrick367Olean
Hannon, Patrick55Olean
Hardy, O. S.239Olean
Hartegan, John347Olean
Haslett, Geo. F.445Olean
Hastings, H. K.263Olean
Hastings, L. S.390Olean
Hatch, Charles333Olean
Hatch, Ralph154Olean
Havens, C. W.194Olean
Havens, Ellen330Olean
Havens, Mary328Olean
Hawley, Charles R.129Olean
Hawley, Horace421Olean
Hellenbrook, Wm.407Olean
Hene, John251Olean
Hennesy, Rich428Olean
Herbert, Abraham177Olean
Herbert, Charles142Olean
Heugel, John332Olean
Heunz, Jas. T.205Olean
Hicks, Stephen222Olean
Higgins, A. N.204Olean
Hill, Andrew J.170Olean
Hill, George42Olean
Hill, Orrin453Olean
Hill, Silas42Olean
Hines, Mary349Olean
Hitchcock, Ebenezer471Olean
Hitchcock, Joseph245Olean
Hodges, Thomas5Olean
Hoffman, Fred'k274Olean
Hoffmire, Antonie24Olean
Hogan, Margaret403Olean
Hogan, Patrick431Olean
Hogle, Figale386Olean
Holand, Margaret333Olean
Hollenbeck, John148Olean
Homer, Enoch N.361Olean
Homer, Sam'l R.333Olean
Hoover, Matthew374Olean
Hosea, S.132Olean
Hotchkiss, Arthur97Olean
Hotchkiss, Harriet M.297Olean
Hough, Elizabeth42Olean
Howard, Eliza333Olean
Howard, Ellen372Olean
Hunt, Wilson163Olean
Hurlburt, Mary192Olean
Hurlbut, Charles135Olean
Hurley, Jerry320Olean
Hurt, Mary202Olean
Huson, Joseph228Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Jackson, Mary A.137Olean
Jennings, William H.129Olean
Job, Jesse161Olean
Johns, George64Olean
Johnson, Albion P.242Olean
Johnson, George1Olean
Johnson, Henry (Jr)20Olean
Johnson, Henry20Olean
Johnson, Henry355Olean
Johnson, J. F.142Olean
Johnson, James20Olean
Johnson, Julia38Olean
Johnson, Lucretia150Olean
Johnson, Sarah39Olean
Jones, Betsey135Olean
Jones, Daneiel291Olean
Jourdan, Anthony72Olean
Judd, Ethan A.136Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Kane, Martin352Olean
Karst, August281Olean
Karst, George60Olean
Karst, Philip164Olean
Keefer, Joseph266Olean
Keesler, Bela M.225Olean
Keller, Jacob311Olean
Keller, Jacob467Olean
Kelly, Charles165Olean
Kelly, Dennis85Olean
Kelly, Thomas94Olean
Kelsey, James209Olean
Kelts, Israel P.270Olean
Keyser, Joseph253Olean
King, Davis472Olean
King, Ira470Olean
King, John220Olean
King, Richard86Olean
Kinney, Andrew468Olean
Kinyon, Sanford202Olean
Kirkmire, Joseph238Olean
Kirsch, John149Olean
Kline, George371Olean
Klink, Jacob294Olean
Knight, Henry377Olean
Knight, Hiram129Olean
Knight, James L.36Olean
Knox, John W.212Olean
Korn, Henry1Olean
Kraatz, Valentine416Olean
Kreager, Andrew333Olean
Kuehl, Gustavus251Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Lamont, Hetty J.119Olean
Lane, Homer202Olean
Lane, Joanna333Olean
Lang, Francis435Olean
Lang, John309Olean
Lang, Nicholas332Olean
Lannan, Mary299Olean
Lannan, Sarah35Olean
Lapham, Henry129Olean
Lapham, Wm.423Olean
Larman, Martin94Olean
Latimer, Lyman232Olean
Lawrence, George58Olean
Lawrence, Ira437Olean
Lawrence, Russell68Olean
Leabout, Daniel176Olean
Learn, R. B.233Olean
Lenhart, Chas. W.6Olean
Lergy, Hiram113Olean
Lewis, C. H.1Olean
Linepeck, Henry279Olean
Liniger, Adolph21Olean
Linney, William82Olean
Lisk, S. N.1Olean
Little, Robert197Olean
Lizhues, Martin419Olean
Llewellyn, Myron32Olean
Loftis, Bridget432Olean
Lowry, Henrietta395Olean
Luce, Caroline139Olean
Luckey, Flora193Olean
Lundee, James90Olean
Lundy, John459Olean
Lyman, Bertha M.262Olean
Lyman, Charles393Olean
Lyons, Mary1Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Macklem, Lucy S.404Olean
Magee, Cordelia136Olean
Magee, Joseph470Olean
Magraw, Bridget115Olean
Magraw, Mary360Olean
Magu, James98Olean
Mahar, Dennis478Olean
Mahar, James83Olean
Main, Mary3Olean
Maine, Honora162Olean
Malory, John182Olean
Mandeville, J. D.192Olean
Mann, Michael353Olean
Manuel, Mary275Olean
Mapes, Jesse172Olean
Markam, Bridget166Olean
Maroney, Margaret427Olean
Marsh, Benjamin W.56Olean
Martin, A. B.78Olean
Martin, Fred J.423Olean
Martin, Russell237Olean
Martin, Stanley3Olean
Mason, Charles435Olean
Mason, J. W.464Olean
Mason, Thos.132Olean
May, Elam O.442Olean
May, Frank333Olean
Mayer, Max131Olean
Mayer, Rudolph253Olean
McAnally, Ann M.50Olean
McAvoy, Barney270Olean
McCabe, Margaret129Olean
McCann, James465Olean
McCaslan, Mary423Olean
McCluer, Sam'l369Olean
McCormick, Peter376Olean
McDonald, Alex'r175Olean
McDonald, Anglis421Olean
McDonald, Edward175Olean
McDonough, Rich337Olean
McGinn, Jacob161Olean
McGinn, Michael123Olean
McGinnis, Arthur469Olean
McIntosh, Geo. S.193Olean
McIvor, Andrew107Olean
McIvor, Ann190Olean
McIvor, Mary38Olean
McKean, Charles132Olean
McKinley, John132Olean
McMaham, Mary333Olean
McMahon, Hugh18Olean
McMahon, Simeon348Olean
McMillen, Marcus52Olean
Meachem, E. H. G.129Olean
Meachem, Edward205Olean
Meade, George98Olean
Melinger, Dora21Olean
Merritt, Abram229Olean
Miler, H. C.227Olean
Miles, Hannora359Olean
Miller, Charles235Olean
Miller, L. O.136Olean
Millham, Mary201Olean
Millham, Sarah68Olean
Minahan, Jerry314Olean
Minahan, William284Olean
Miner, Avery166Olean
Monroe, R. P.132Olean
Moon, Michael390Olean
Moore, H. W.206Olean
Moore, Henry57Olean
Moore, Loretta B.272Olean
Moore, Lovell420Olean
Moore, Lucy198Olean
Moore, Nancy247Olean
Moore, Phineas132Olean
Moore, Richard301Olean
Moosler, John132Olean
Morrisey, John426Olean
Morton, Alex'r134Olean
Morton, Hugh1Olean
Morton, John344Olean
Moscrip, John433Olean
Mosher, George478Olean
Mott, C. F.132Olean
Moyer, Dewitt395Olean
Moyer, Elisabeth408Olean
Moyer, Melinda191Olean
Mulchay, Thomas277Olean
Munger, Jerome54Olean
Murray, Catharine321Olean
Muzzey, Dinsmore232Olean
Muzzey, Moses171Olean
Myrick, F. H.230Olean
Myrick, Wm. P.146Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Naglee, Fred253Olean
Nason, B. E. S.233Olean
Neeley, James346Olean
Nelson, John58Olean
Neskee, John132Olean
Nettleton, Harriet11Olean
Noble, S. J.408Olean
Norris, Andrew434Olean
Norton, Geo. W.208Olean
Noyes, A. D.144Olean
Nutting, Mark J.245Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Oaks, Peter31Olean
O'Conner, Thomas48Olean
Olds, Irena33Olean
Oliver, A.114Olean
O'Meala, John364Olean
O'Meara, Michael188Olean
Oosterhoudt, Emeline400Olean
Oosterhoudt, Isaac399Olean
Oosterhoudt, Sam'l481Olean
Oostertag, Christian315Olean
Oostestuck, Amanda133Olean
Osborne, Mary150Olean
Oviatt, Thos. V.398Olean
Owens, Israel92Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Page, Rufus L.29Olean
Palmer, James124Olean
Palmer, Morris125Olean
Parish, Mary27Olean
Parker, Erastus440Olean
Parker, John441Olean
Parker, William392Olean
Partridge, James117Olean
Patterson, Margaret256Olean
Peak, John292Olean
Pehilly, John131Olean
Pelton, H. C.234Olean
Pelton, John G.129Olean
Pelton, Mary209Olean
Penfield, Wm. W.74Olean
Pensel, Christian325Olean
Perkins, Ozra455Olean
Peters, Mary101Olean
Peterson, Calvin19Olean
Peterson, Emma42Olean
Peterson, Solomon19Olean
Pettit, S. J.75Olean
Phelps, H. Harper100Olean
Pierce, Laura L.262Olean
Pierce, Lucy A.233Olean
Pierce, Wm. B.226Olean
Platt, Adam112Olean
Platt, Joseph A.163Olean
Plucker, Jacob373Olean
Port, Mary116Olean
Porter, John394Olean
Potter, Willie161Olean
Powers, Addison A.144Olean
Pratt, Rollin479Olean
Presby, W. H.162Olean
Prescott, Amos132Olean
Priest, Edward382Olean
Priest, Patrick50Olean
Puffer, James245Olean
Pulver, Levina406Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Radsche, Sophia412Olean
Ragan, Mary333Olean
Ramsey, Silas401Olean
Ramsey, W. H.32Olean
Randall, Fanny9Olean
Randolph, Mary A.23Olean
Ransley, Adam476Olean
Raub, Charles138Olean
Raub, Margaret408Olean
Rausher, Adam355Olean
Rayne, William13Olean
Reardon, James327Olean
Reed, C. M.132Olean
Reed, Charles M.163Olean
Reed, D. A.144Olean
Reed, Edward422Olean
Reine, Jospeh417Olean
Reineke, Christian332Olean
Renwick, Rob't H.26Olean
Renwick, Victor D.26Olean
Reynolds, Caroline L.204Olean
Reynolds, David80Olean
Reynolds, William43Olean
Reynolds, Wm. S.186Olean
Rhodes, Hosea157Olean
Ribley, A. P.240Olean
Rice, C. C.268Olean
Rice, Eliza96Olean
Rinaldo, Valentine305Olean
Ritchie, Lena76Olean
Ritseau, Christopher312Olean
Robinson, Chas. H.159Olean
Robinson, Geo. C.460Olean
Rockwood, Emeline132Olean
Rodgers, James217Olean
Rose, Edmond132Olean
Rose, Edwin461Olean
Rose, Henry129Olean
Ross, John155Olean
Rounds, Main461Olean
Rounds, Orton378Olean
Rugg, H. W.244Olean
Rushmore, Silas362Olean
Russel, Jerome212Olean
Ryan, Michael352Olean
Ryan, Patrick106Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Sanderson, Edwin415Olean
Savage, Patrick88Olean
Sax, John333Olean
Schaubs, John324Olean
Schermerhorn, Charles43Olean
Schiterley, Michael298Olean
Schlemilk, John295Olean
Schneider, Conrad49Olean
Schraider, Louisa412Olean
Schuetz, Godfrey306Olean
Schuetz, Herman246Olean
Scott, Archibald84Olean
Scoville, William265Olean
Seafret, John296Olean
Selden, Charles457Olean
Sellen, Eliza C.34Olean
Shaffer, Elizabeth222Olean
Shane, Ellen1Olean
Sharrar, Dorothea25Olean
Shaw, John S.334Olean
Sheala, Catharine288Olean
Shehan, Bridget435Olean
Shehan, John340Olean
Sheppard, P. K.158Olean
Sheppard, Wm. B395Olean
Sherwood, Myron B.45Olean
Shuler, Helmus S.74Olean
Sias, Samuel247Olean
Simmons, Ephraim402Olean
Simpier, Joseph165Olean
Siplay, Catharine49Olean
Skahil, Honora132Olean
Slauk, Andrew131Olean
Smith, Andrew461Olean
Smith, Caroline207Olean
Smith, Charles O.132Olean
Smith, Charles290Olean
Smith, Christian163Olean
Smith, Harmon87Olean
Smith, James161Olean
Smith, James106Olean
Smith, James435Olean
Smith, John252Olean
Smith, Julius R.89Olean
Smith, Marshall188Olean
Smith, R. O.202Olean
Smith, Rosina206Olean
Smith, Stephen132Olean
Smith, William156Olean
Snyder, Hannah137Olean
Spencer, Harvey102Olean
Spothalf, Jacob443Olean
Sprague, Mary E.261Olean
Spreeter, Adolph355Olean
St. John, Thos. H.218Olean
Stafford, Richard304Olean
Starks, Mary282Olean
Stattel, Christian130Olean
Steala, Christian179Olean
Steala, John324Olean
Steur, Max62Olean
Steyner, John J.28Olean
Stodell, Rachell28Olean
Stoss, William280Olean
Stowe, Flora2Olean
Stowell, C. S.204Olean
Stowell, Frank L.203Olean
Strait, Lafayette481Olean
Straker, George379Olean
Strantz, John153Olean
Strawhover, Kate159Olean
Sullivan, Ann283Olean
Sullivan, James387Olean
Sullivan, John257Olean
Sullivan, John338Olean
Sullivan, Thos.337Olean
Sullivan, Timothy282Olean
Swartz, John151Olean
Swartz, Mary P.446Olean
Sweatland, Jane423Olean
Sweeney, Bridget240Olean
Sweeny, Honora184Olean
Sweitzer, Florence173Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Tate, George129Olean
Taugney, John132Olean
Taylor, John F.389Olean
Taylor, Lemuel452Olean
Taylor, Tracy456Olean
Teabold, John436Olean
Tenter, Barbara475Olean
Thing, Charles H.32Olean
Thirds, James223Olean
Thompson, Juliet401Olean
Thorp, Nathan458Olean
Thurber, Charles331Olean
Thurber, William217Olean
Tompkins, Rampson402Olean
Tooley, Bridget216Olean
Tousley, Charles137Olean
Town, Emma J.172Olean
Townley, Deforest101Olean
Townley, Greece6Olean
Townsend, Hannah236Olean
Troy, Patrick335Olean
Troy, Thomas396Olean
Tully, John R.354Olean
Tupper, Darius159Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Viele, Catharine326Olean
Volk, Mary21Olean
Vosseler, Xavier183Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Wade, Polly A.76Olean
Wagner, R. R.75Olean
Walker, John286Olean
Wallace, Marcellus180Olean
Wallace, Margaret133Olean
Wands, I. H.13Olean
Warner, C. A.103Olean
Warren, James448Olean
Warren, John187Olean
Warren, Seth W.404Olean
Watson, Edwin46Olean
Wedon, James278Olean
Weiss, Magdalena332Olean
Weiss, Paul319Olean
Wells, A.91Olean
West, H. P.252Olean
Wheeler, Gilbert371Olean
White, Daniel447Olean
White, F. U.331Olean
White, Justus S.210Olean
White, Mary12Olean
White, Sarah217Olean
Whitman, Fred'k316Olean
Whitney, Lambert S.101Olean
Whitney, Lambert12Olean
Whittaker, D. O.40Olean
Wholeben, Philip59Olean
Wilcox, Abel233Olean
Wiley, Ann423Olean
Wiley, John425Olean
Williams, John169Olean
Williams, Mary131Olean
Williams, Morris293Olean
Willis, Alvarado16Olean
Wilmarth, Lester454Olean
Wing, Mary171Olean
Witter, Sarah148Olean
Wood, Anthony423Olean
Wood, George255Olean
Woodruff, C. A.135Olean
Woodward, Lansing442Olean
Worthington, D. B.79Olean
Wright, Charles380Olean
Wright, Eliabeth161Olean
Wright, Erastus381Olean
Wright, Laura438Olean
Wright, Lyman474Olean
Wyatt, John F.34Olean
Name Page Number* Town
York, James327Olean
Young, Christian242Olean
Young, Nicholas308Olean
Youngs, Emily375Olean
Name Page Number* Town
Zimmerman, Henry355Olean
Zimmerman, Jacob357Olean
Zimmerman, John276Olean
Zimmerman, Paul250Olean
Zimmerman, Philip123Olean

*The page number refers to the page of the microfilm of the state census, which can be ordered through your local LDS Family History Center.

Our many thanks to the Cattaraugus County Memorial and Historical Museum for making these indices available through the Internet.

The Town of Olean can be found on the 3rd (Volume 3) of 3 microfilms of the 1865 NY State Census for Cattaraugus County made by the LDS church.


This index was made many years ago for the Cattaraugus County Museum at Little Valley, NY and has been digitalized by a team of Cattaraugus County researchers. There will be errors, given the difficulty in deciphering some of the handwriting of the original census records. Please check the names carefully, as your family's name may have simply been misspelled or misread.

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